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Canada Goose Jackets Foreign media recently reported, by the Chinese sought the“Canada goose(Canada Goose)”brand down jacket, as long as the Chinese customs found that from abroad by mail to China, You always need to pay tariffs.

Canada Goose Outlet “Canada goose” down jacket in the world“Rolls-Royce”, in recent years swept the world, not only by the Western big-name sports stars of all ages, even the Russian President Vladimir Putin is a fan of it. On Taobao, engaged in the“Canada goose” down jacket overseas purchasing companies and individuals abound.

But Canada Ming PAO Daily News said the Chinese customs thorough investigation of the“Canada goose”action from the end of last year had already started, even with the courier transport company, because before send to China“Canada goose”down jacket too much, and some not in accordance with the provisions of the tax was found, was included in the focus of the inspection object.

Cheap Canada Goose Jackets sale
Cheap Canada Goose Jackets sale

Canada Goose Sale The birth of“Canada Goose” overseas act as purchasing Agency business Hot is the price gap. According to the reporter understanding, the Beijing Department store Lane Crawford sale of a brand down jacket, for example, in Lane Crawford the price is 8600 Yuan, while Taobao purchasing price is 7000 Yuan, but in Canada sells it for CAD $ 1000(about RMB 5200 Yuan). Last year, the“double-eleven” and“double twelve” period, the electric business platform more than the down jackets were sold out the day the cat platform scouring the sea and global purchase Center has a“Canada goose”Figure, the price from 6000 Yuan supremacy million yuan.

Cheap Canada Goose Jackets parka
Cheap Canada Goose Jackets parka

Cheap Canada Goose According to the reporter, in China, many consumers from the“Canada goose”official website or North America, some of the electricity supplier website orders, with Paypal or dual-currency credit card payment, and then select the transport company, and then transported back to China. Due to the Canadian personal Transporter, industry is not developed, the fee is more expensive, also have the consumer choose from Canada transported to the U.S., and then from the United States transported back to China.

Canada Goose Women's Camrose Parka Coat
Canada Goose Women’s Camrose Parka Coat

But 2016 4 January to 8 January, for consumers, cross-border consumption, China Customs implemented a new system of taxation. The PAO calculated that currently, a member in Canada to buy the“Canada goose”long women’s coat the after-tax price is about CAD $ 1000, by mailing into the China need to pay customs duties shall be for 330$, the price is a lot more expensive.

Engaged in Canada to China transport services company staff of 13, told the reporter, last year the new since, from the Canadian transshipment to China“ Canada goose” down jacket“ is Tax”the probability is indeed on the increase. Therefore, some of the transport company the transport fee contains customs duties, if the“is Tax”, the transit company will outweigh the benefits Canada Goose Camo.

2017 Discount Canada Goose Bomber Womens Hot Sale
2017 Discount Canada Goose Bomber Womens Hot Sale

China trade promotion Association Institute of international trade Research Department Director Zhao-ping told the Reporter said, scouring the sea or purchasing and another cross-border consumer is essentially a commercial activity, in accordance with the appropriate provisions of the payment of taxes is it should be. If less levy or not to levy duties on domestic producers unfair.

China luxury fashion consumer spending next year will sharply rise. CLSA China and Hong Kong strategy Director Zheng name Kai in an interview with the media description, in view of investment and slow economic growth, the current retail industry’s sales presented a smooth trend, but Chinese electricity supplier promotions, the peak two-eleven period, retail sales appear to have accelerated growth, the current economic situation to be far worse than he had anticipated more stable, and for this he is full of confidence.

In addition, the CLSA study found that the Canada Goose Chelsea Parka American import and export trade surpluses of major commodity Categories, the clothing and footwear has a very important position. Wherein, knitted and crocheted clothing last year, the surplus amount a total of 815 million dollars, and other types of the apparel export surplus amount a total of 748 billion dollars, the Shoe category 509 billion dollars.

canada goose Cabri hoody
canada goose Cabri hoody

Ugo Giorcelli, succeeding Ernesto Greco as Salvatore Ferragamo Chief Financial Officer

Italian luxury goods group Salvatore Ferragamo announced on Thursday by Ugo Giorcelli, succeeding Ernesto Greco served as the Chief Financial Officer, The appointment will be in the next year 3 month 15 days of formal entry into force. Ugo Giorcelli is currently the best Italian hearing aid retailer Amplifon Group’s Chief Financial Officer. Due to the performance in the doldrums, Salvatore Ferragamo previously carried out management big shake-up, Group feats, Chief Executive Michele Norsa in the year 4 month announced the departure of the 8 month officially been Eraldo Poletto substituted.

Louis Vuitton opened the world’s first 3D printing Pop-up shop.

2017 Discount Canada Goose Bomber Womens Hot Sale Black Friday
2017 Discount Canada Goose Bomber Womens Hot Sale Black Friday

3D printer manufacturer Massive 3D Printing Technologies announced that their customer, namely the Australian professional 3D printer suppliers OMUS has helped French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has built the world’s first 3D printing Pop-up shop. The shop is about 9 meters wide, 10 meters long and 2.7 meters high, the Total Total area of 968 square meters. OMUS use Massivity 1800 3D printer, with only 18 days, on completion of the shop building, the shop located in Sydney’s Westfield Shopping Centre, attracted a large number of consumers. This is Louis Vuitton for the first time in the city opened a men’s pop-up store, Sydney Westfield Shopping Centre this Home 3D printing pop-up store will operate to 12 months 18 days.

Versace official website released the new version provides Italian English, French, German, 5 languages

To further promote the brand development of globalization, and Versace on Friday by the renovated official website officially launched, adding the brand’s dynamic image and exclusive behind the scenes videos and other channels, in order to better enhance the consumer experience, at the same time provide including Italian, English, French, German, and Chinese, including 5 kinds of languages, allowing consumers worldwide to better understand the brand culture. In addition, the new version is also applicable to any type of screen, including mobile phones and tablets, consumers can be the full-screen image to better understand the Product Details. The future brand also plans to launch the official network series, only limited online sale currently Versace official website except the United States covering a total of 22 European countries.

The American lingerie giant, the brand continues to use in order to 3500 million dollars by selling non-core home business

USA lingerie manufacturing giant, the brand continues to use recently announced the sale of two out of 3500 million dollars of non-core businesses to streamline the group structure. The sale of the two businesses, respectively, for carpet brand in the Australian Dunlop Flooring and bedding, Tontine, the two businesses are the brand continues to use the group in a 2 year 7 month the acquisition of Australia’s largest clothing and pillow manufacturer Pacific Brands company of the resulting assets. The brand continues to use now Dunlop Flooring business to 2500 million all-cash sales to the UK carpet group Victoria, the Tontine of the buyer for the John Cotton Group, priced at about 1,000 million dollars.

Song of force thinking it’s the French Luxe brand IRO will be in Shanghai to open the first Canada Goose Black Friday 2017.

By song force to think the acquisition of the French light luxury brand IRO will in the next 1 month in Shanghai Grand gateway Plaza, opened the first store, and the brand in entering the Chinese market will be the direct way of business. IRO aims to create high-quality everyday clothing and creating a clean natural taste that positioned as high-end clothing, leather jackets for its star product, accounting for total sales of 40%. But the song force si has also revealed that Shanghai Grand gateway Plaza, the rent is high, 100 square meters of the monthly rent to be 60-70 million RMB or so, some analysts said that in the domestic retail environment so sluggish environment, the IRO development in China will face challenges.

Adidas, the world’s first retail Academy recently in Shanghai opened

Adidas group recently in Shanghai launched the world’s first retail Academy, designed to establish a sports retail a new standard, creating a new retail experience, and will help Adidas to achieve by 2020 Canada Goose Branta best sports Brand of the target. The College is located in the Shanghai Hongqiao Central business district of Hongqiao Tiandi Shopping Center, covering an area of 2000 square meters, has a new technology interactive learning space, more lecture halls and conference rooms, as well as a simulation of the shop for staff to learn knowledge and skills in a real-time application to the real store business. Adidas commitment by the retail Academy to provide students with an industry-class learning experience, in addition to the Adidas retail employees, is also expected in the near future extended to the retail partners of employees.

Alibaba coalition government implementing anti-counterfeiting activities this year have been successfully blocked out of 14 million yuan of counterfeit goods into the market

Alibaba group recently stated that the Group this year since the coalition carried out anti-counterfeiting activities, has been seized value of 2. 06 billion dollars, or about $ 14. 3 billion yuan of counterfeit goods, but also banned 417 the sale of counterfeit goods online store. GROUP BY with the Canada Goose Gilet police cooperation, for online and offline counterfeit products, carried out for a period of 4 months of“cloud sword action”, the Alibaba using the Group’s Big Data technology provides network Intelligence data, the turn detect counterfeit goods production workshop, warehouse as well as its sales channels, the eradication of counterfeit goods supply Canada Goose Chelsea Parka.

Band of Outsiders resurrection after the first series of the final collapse will not be put into production

Last year for owe the debt and the closure of the Los Angeles cult brand Band of Outsiders in this year 8 month accompanied by a new name Band of Outsiders Los Angeles, new Logo, new team and new owner of the strong return, the resurrection of the first show in the subsequent 9 month host the 2017 Spring Summer New York Fashion Week debut. The series is published, most of the media and the comments people have about this resurrection as a disappointment, and the brand now holds a commercial, Belgian Fashion Fashion projects Foundation CLCC S. A. is also aware of this problem, it is reported that the CLCC S. A. decided to Band of Outsiders spring and summer of 2017 series is not put into actual production, but also canceled, including the New York Barneys boutique Department store, the Japanese Isetan Department store and other retailers of wholesale orders.

Canada Goose Black Friday Sale data: in 2016 we are most concerned about the 10 fashion topic of nostalgia into this year keywords

Recently, Canada Goose Borden Bomber  statistics nearly a year of searching the data come 2016 we are most concerned about the 10 fashion topic, which 90’s trend, a fitness model and fishbone braid and other nostalgic elements have become a hot search word. From Givenchy, And Moschino, to Vetements, the Balenciaga, the T Station and the retail market proved retro glamor, and in winter the stylish Brand Hot push large canopy soft down jacket, in fact, just a dozen, but years ago the classic the again recovery.

10 fashion topics are included: how to cut T-Shirt sleeves; wanted to do a model while where to start; what is the advanced customization; skinny leg jeans with the What kind of boots; and when to wear white clothes; how to get practice into a bodybuilding-type model; what is the Bohemian; in the 1990s, popular to wear what; how to wear the hippie style; how to become a fashion designer.

2017 most likely listed lists baked Canada Goose Canada Goose Bodywarmer, the ABG, and J. Jill are on the list

IPO research Renaissance Capital released by the United States in 2016 IPO data show that this year, the IPO proceeds have been up to 7 years minimum, next year’s planned listing of the group will appear reduced, in its 2017 most likely listed in the list of the Canada Goose Shelburne Parka, the ABG, and J. Jill and another clothing Retail Group is still on the list. Earlier people familiar with the matter, Canada down clothing brands are currently preparing for next year, has been with the investment Bank talks, if progress smoothly or will in the next year the landing of the U.S. IPO, their analysis refers to the company as a whole the highest valuation will reach $ 20 billion or $ 134 billion yuan.

Paper media recession, the Canada Goose Black Label New York Times building will be vacated 4 floors of office rental to increase group revenue

By the Internet and social media impact, print media is gradually recession, the large group performance significantly reduce, the New York Times group can not escape the dilemma. Therefore, the Canada Goose Shelburne Parka New York Times Group has announced that the headquarters building of the 16 to 20 layers available as rental space to increase group income. Affected by this, about 400 employees required to move to the headquarters area near the work, the plan will be held by the end of 2017. In addition, the Group also plans to re-planning of office area, to add more public space, it is reported that there are currently many executives are being shared in the Office.

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