Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets Foreign media recently reported, by the Chinese sought the“Canada goose(Canada Goose)”brand down jacket, as long as the Chinese customs found that from abroad by mail to China, You always need to pay tariffs.

Canada Goose Outlet “Canada goose” down jacket in the world“Rolls-Royce”, in recent years swept the world, not only by the Western big-name sports stars of all ages, even the Russian President Vladimir Putin is a fan of it. On Taobao, engaged in the“Canada goose” down jacket overseas purchasing companies and individuals abound.

But Canada Ming PAO Daily News said the Chinese customs thorough investigation of the“Canada goose”action from the end of last year had already started, even with the courier transport company, because before send to China“Canada goose”down jacket too much, and some not in accordance with the provisions of the tax was found, was included in the focus of the inspection object.

Canada Goose Sale The birth of“Canada Goose” overseas act as purchasing Agency business Hot is the price gap. According to the reporter understanding, the Beijing Department store Lane Crawford sale of a brand down jacket, for example, in Lane Crawford the price is 8600 Yuan, while Taobao purchasing price is 7000 Yuan, but in Canada sells it for CAD $ 1000(about RMB 5200 Yuan). Last year, the“double-eleven” and“double twelve” period, the electric business platform more than the down jackets were sold out the day the cat platform scouring the[……]

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